Sean Lennon: Bitcoin is more than a reserve of value

Bitcoin is more than a reserve of value and the blockchain can be revolutionary, this is the thought of Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

These are statements made during the broadcast of Max Keiser Orange Pill.

During the interview with Max Kaiser himself and Stacy Herbert, John Lennon’s son admitted to having had Bitcoin in the past, but then lost them leaving them unattended on some public site that ended unspecified. It could be some closed exchange, but Sean Lennon doesn’t say so explicitly.

Anyway, this experience marked him and made him distrustful of Bitcoin, for a very clear reason:

„My own ignorance“.

But despite this negative experience, today Sean Lennon admits that Bitcoin is something big:

„I don’t think it’s much of an alternative value reserve, it’s something much more interesting than that.

Sean Lennon and the Bitcoin revolution

Sean Lennon adds:

„One of the interesting things about the blockchain is the implications it can have for currencies, cash, banks and everything else, and how this could revolutionize society.

But all this can have negative or uncertain consequences, mainly related to how governments react to these innovations. What is certain is that according to the son of the famous Beatle, the blockchain cannot be banned because of its decentralized structure and this will prevent the use of Bitcoin.

But precisely because Bitcoin goes beyond banks and centralised systems, it somehow abolishes the rule of law as we know it, because it makes it so that institutions can no longer use currency as a system of coercion.

What will happen at this point? It seems to be this almost dystopian hypothesis that Sean Lennon is worried about. According to Max Keiser, eventually the governors will also adapt and promote Bitcoin. This is the case with the Wyoming senator who is pro-Bitcoin and the state itself has already promoted pro-Bitcoin legislation.

After all these arguments, Sean Lennon’s sentiment on Bitcoin is positive:

Bitcoin is one of the few things this year that gives me optimism and happiness about my faith in the future and humanity.

And it continues:

„Bitcoin is something that empowers individuals and empowers people in a way that never happened before because if they had Bitcoin Bank the gold before, they had to carry it in a sack and it could be stolen. But Bitcoin transcends the physical world. This means that you have your sovereignty. Just remember your key phrase and you can go anywhere“.

Even if a despot comes, Sean Lennon thinks, a person can leave the United States with a backpack, a protein bar and a bottle of water and have his Bitcoins wherever he goes. Definitely more practical than gold. That’s why he says:

„In an ocean of destruction like this year, I find Bitcoin has given me a certain optimism, to be honest.